Lucy is missing!

lucy has spots and stripes
my lucy

Lucy is a spayed 2yr old grey/black tabby. She is primarily striped, but also has spots of black and dark grey. She disappeared Sunday, July 31… probably ran from the tractors or traffic.  She is quite spoiled and loves canned cat food. Lucy is a very loving kitty once you earn her trust. She does not like other people much so likely will not come to you at first. Please help me find her! LUCY CAME HOME! Two days gone, visiting neighbors we assume LOL. But she is home again 🙂

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Good Morning from Kate

This Sunday morning I am trying to take it a little easier. Much to do today and there will be little in the way of fun & entertainment, but I already feel a sense of accomplishment. I will be able to write here more often and hopefully keep things where they belong on my pc and in my office. I spent the past week going through clothes, crap in my office that has accumulated and paper for my business. I have things sorted into manageable piles for FURTHER sorting and organizing. Later today I will post my most recent article from the Lost Creek Guide in Keenesburg, CO!

Computernerd Computer Nerd and Proud of It!

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Post from kate 2011

New test from word

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Dezigns by Kate, LLC is back in blogging action!

Are you as tired as I am of seeing the “Hello World” heading?! I have taken a lot of time off from keeping up with my blogging. I am back and will be posting regularly now. Have patience with me while I re-acquaint myself with the addins and plugins available for my posts.

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